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Overland Animal Hospital


At Overland Animal Hospital & Pet Resort, we offer a wide range of surgical services, from routine spays to orthopedic procedures. 

Routine and Specialty Pet Surgery

At Overland Animal Hospital & Pet Resort, we offer a wide range of surgical services, from routine spays to orthopedic procedures. We provide safe anesthesia tailored to your pet as well as comprehensive pain management to ensure your pet is free from pain, should they require surgery.

Routine Spays and Neuters

All of our routine spays and neuters include pre-operative lab work, intraoperative IV fluids, pain medication during and after the procedure and a buster collar to wear home. All patients are monitored under anesthesia with advanced monitors that track heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation and ECG.

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Specialty Surgery

Overland Animal Hospital & Pet Resort has board-certified veterinary surgeons available to perform complex orthopedic and soft-tissue surgeries. These include cranial cruciate rupture repairs, fracture repairs, hip care, and complex abdominal and thoracic procedures. Learn more about Dr. W. Preston Stubbs and the veterinary surgical services he provides for patients at Overland Animal Hospital & Pet Resort.

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Dr. Preston Stubbs

Dr. W. Preston Stubbs is a veterinary surgeon and is certified by the American College of Veterinary Surgeons. He is a partner of Overland Animal Hospital & Pet Resort. A graduate of George Mason University (B.S. in biological sciences) and Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine (D.V.M.), Dr. Stubbs has been practicing veterinary medicine for over 20 years and has been practicing in the Denver metro area since 2000.

As a former hospital instructor of surgery, Dr. Stubbs has published numerous articles, book chapters, and scientific lectures on a wide range of veterinary topics including cranial cruciate ligament disease, hip dysplasia, and osteoarthritis, and he has served as a consultant to zoos and animal rescue organizations.

Dr. Stubbs can provide procedures that range from complex arthroscopy to routine fracture repairs with the high level of care and consideration you expect from Overland Animal Hospital & Pet Resort. Our partnership with Dr. Stubbs allows Overland Animal Hospital & Pet Resort to provide you and your pet with top-tier veterinary surgical services to keep your four-legged friend healthy and happy. Dr. Stubbs is available for the following surgical procedures:

Orthopedic Surgery

  • Cranial cruciate ligament (ACL) repair

  • Hip dysplasia

  • Medial and lateral patellar luxation (MPL, LPL)

  • Fracture repair (long bones, pelvis, growth plate, joint, and mandible/maxilla)

  • Arthrodesis (joint fusion)

  • Tendon repair

  • Amputation

  • Arthroscopy, including procedures for treatment of elbow dysplasia, shoulder OCD, bicep tendon disease, medial shoulder instability, and cruciate/meniscal disease

Soft Tissue Surgery

  • Exploratory laparotomy

  • Intestinal/gastric surgery (foreign bodies, tumors, etc.)

  • Splenectomy

  • Liver lobectomy

  • GDV (torsion/bloat) and gastropexy

  • Portosystemic shunts

  • Cystotomy/bladder stone removal

  • Nephrectomy (kidney removal)

  • Adrenalectomy

  • Laparoscopy: prophylactic gastropexy to prevent stomach torsion, liver biopsy, cryptorchid castration, and minimally invasive OHE (spay)

  • Lung lobectomy

  • Esophageal surgery

  • PRAA surgery

  • Pericardiectomy

Other Soft Tissue and Oncologic Procedures

  • Surgery for laryngeal paralysis (laryngeal tie-back)

  • Mandibulectomy/maxillectomy for treatment of oral cancer or tumor

  • Thyroid and parathyroid surgery

  • Total ear canal ablation/bulla osteotomy for treatment of chronic infection or tumor

  • Perineal and scrotal urethrostomy

  • Skin reconstructive procedures for treatment of extensive wounds or cancers

  • Hernia repair: diaphragmatic, perineal, body wall and pericardial-peritoneal

Neurosurgical Procedures

  • Laminectomy and ventral slot procedures for treatment of intervertebral disc disease

  • Lumbosacral decompression