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Overland Animal Hospital

puppy shaved grooming


Whether you have a matted poodle, a stinky bird dog or a terrier in need of a trim, our experienced groomer is here to help you!

Corgi (Dog) Being Shampooed

Our Grooming Services

We offer the following grooming services at Overland Animal Hospital & Pet Resort:

  • Grooming for dogs and cats

  • Bathing

  • Styling

  • Nail trimming

  • Gland expression

  • Ear cleaning

  • Deshedding

Do you have a special need for a special pet? Ask us!

Grooming Services

In addition to our standard grooming services, Overland Animal Hospital & Pet Resort also offers a few packages so pets can get all the grooming care they need in the same appointment.

Dog B&B (Brush & Bath)


  • Nail trim

  • Ear cleaning/plucking

  • External anal gland expression on small dogs (available for large dogs by request and if we’re able)

  • Trim around the eyes, feet, backside and tummy if needed

  • Bath

  • Blow dry

Dog Full Groom


  • All treatments from Dog B&B

  • An all-over haircut

Add-On Services for Dogs

  • De-skunking: $20

  • Flea bath: $15

  • Furminator Shed-Less treatment: $10 to $20 (cost depends on dog’s size and coat)

Depending on the condition of the dog’s coat and the dog’s temperament, additional charges may app

Cat Grooming Services

We can either brush out and bathe cats if they tolerate it or shave them down. Depending on how the cat reacts to grooming, sedation may be required for a small additional fee.

Grooming Products

We use hypoallergenic coat care products, including formulas for sensitive skin, undercoat control, deodorizing and conditioning.

Pomeranian Dog Getting Groomed

Benefits of Grooming:

  • Improves general cleanliness

  • Decreases possibility of many skin conditions

  • Prevents and eliminates parasites

  • Removes excess hair from seasonal shedding

  • Well-maintained coats help pets stay cool in summer and warm in winter

Meet Our Groomer