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Training Services

We offer a variety of dog training services. Learn more about what we have to offer below!

Day Training

Drop your pet off with us for the day and let the trainers do the repetitions for you! Once the training is complete, your trainer will give you a call and you can pick up your dog any time after. If you do not add on any additional services such as grooming, daycare, or nail trims, there will be no additional charge. Leaving your dog for several hours will give the trainer the ability to break your dog’s session up into mini sessions in order to increase effectiveness.

Board and Train

Going away on vacation? What a great opportunity to have your dog trained while they are already at our facility! Your dog trainer will train them twice a day for as many days as you’d like them to get scheduled. When you get back, you will receive one or more private lessons to transfer the behaviors over to you. This is completely customizable in terms of number of sessions, days they are trained, and number of follow up sessions.

Daycare and training

Why not get your dog some physical exercise in addition to the mental exercise from training? If you add on daycare to training, you get a special discounted rate. Save $10 on both private or group play, whichever is more fitting for your dog’s needs.

Dog Socialization

Does your dog exhibit fear or aggression towards other dogs? Overland Animal Hospital is one of very few facilities in the Denver area that will help work your dog through that issue. Leave your dog for the day and your trainer will safely and strategically introduce your dog to dogs they will be successful with. As your dog builds confidence, she will start to introduce more excitable and playful dogs.

Behavior Modification

If your dog is exhibiting a behavior that needs to be modified, we can help with that. We have trainers that are skilled in all behavior modification topics including but not limited to human aggression, dog aggression, vet or groomer handling issues, leash reactivity, and separation anxiety.

Contact Our Trainers

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