Overland Animal Hospital & Pet Resort offers a variety of training services ranging from private lessons, group classes to stay and train packages and customized behavior modification programs. Dogs of all ages can learn new tricks, and our training programs are meant to be positive, upbeat experiences for our dog and human clients. Unleash your dog’s true potential with help from Overland Animal Hospital & Pet Resort!
Erica started her professional career as an animal enthusiast and behavioral educator back in 2009, as a Marine Mammal Researcher with the Dolphin Cove Research and Education Center. From there, she has worked her way around the country as youth educator, counselor, and volunteer, teaching America’s children the importance of wildlife conservation and respecting the animal kingdom. Erica holds a substantial amount of knowledge from working with service and guide dogs, where her training skills have opened doors for dogs to become lifelong saviors to individuals in need. She started her work in this field with Guiding Eyes for the Blind, an internationally accredited nonprofit that provides guide dogs to people with vision loss, (as well as service dogs to children with autism), where she trained guide dogs. Her most recent employment in this realm was with the inspirational rescue group Freedom Service Dogs, where she taught service dogs the skills they would need to be helpful to individuals dealing with a spectrum of physical ailments, in addition to mental illness, (as many of the dogs she trained were to go on to be therapy dogs). She holds a certification for the Canine Good Citizen program, which is directly in line with her innate passion for teaching dogs to be helpers of all kinds. Erica has a strong background in Animal Science and Psychology from the University of Delaware, in addition to leadership skills learned while surviving a 22 day sea kayaking trip. The folks here at Overland feel so lucky to have this adventurous, outdoorsy, knowledgeable and altruistic individual on our team, we know you’re just going to love her!

Training Services and Rates


* Behavioral Assessment

Initial consultation with a professional dog trainer, Erica, to discuss goals, options, and plans.
$40 for behavioral assessment, $20 can be applied to any training package!


**Private Lesson- On Campus

Private lesson with one of our professional dog trainers to learn handling skills and management techniques to help solve any problem!

$75/ Private Lesson

3 PKG for $195 = $65/session

6 PKG for $342 = $57/session


**Doggy University –

On & Off Campus Learning

Let our trainer do the hard part building obedience commands that you can take with you. Your dog will receive 8 one-hour-long sessions with a trainer, and you will receive two private lessons with the trainer to transfer those skills.

8 PKG + 2 Private Lessons for $446 =


Bonus: $30 discount

off of any reservations longer than 7 days

*Stay and Train On Campus Learning

Obedience focus, perfect for dogs looking to build commands, work on leash manners, prevent unruly behavior, and strengthen old skills.

$25/individual session

5 PKG + Private Lesson for $175 = $20/session

*Puppy Pre-K –

On & Off Campus Learning

Our trainer will be teaching your puppy basic obedience and then practicing in the real world! One Study Abroad for every four sessions on campus. Perfect for dogs under 8 months old.

$25/individual session

5 PKG + Private Lesson for $175 = $20/session

5 PKG = 4 Stay & Trains + 1 Study Abroad

**Study Abroad- Off Campus Learning

This package is designed for advanced dogs needing real world distractions or for owners who just want their dog to get off site! Our trainer will take your dog to parks, walks around neighborhoods, or dog friendly stores.

$47/individual session

5 PKG for $210 = $42/session

10 PKG for $370 = $37/session


*Continuing Education Units

Keep your pup’s mentally enriched with continued training throughout their lives! This package is for dogs that have already done training.

5 PKG $100 = $20/session

10 PKG $190 = $19/session


** Group Puppy Classes

Join a group puppy class where a trainer will teach you how to train your dog in obedience as well as help your puppy get socialized! We offer a 6 week package that is typically on nights.

6 PKG for $168 = $28/session

Drop in Class = $38/session


* Canine Good Citizen Testing

Think your dog is ready for a Canine Good Citizen test? The CGC is a two-part program that stresses responsible pet ownership for owners and basic good manners for dogs. All dogs who pass the 10-step test may receive a certificate from the American Kennel Club.


Please see concierge for a group class schedule.

To schedule a consultation please see concierge or call 303-922-5500.

*30 minute session

** – 60 minute session


For more information, please call 303-547-1670.

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